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"A great pair of sunnies from Oakley. A modern revision of the classic 80's design the frogskins, the Oakley Jupiters are not to be missed. First up, amazing prices at TheInternetOpticians.co.uk. Couldn't find better anywhere else. And the delivery was super quick - ordered Wednesday afternoon, they were at my desk at work before 11 the next morning. So on that front highly recommended. Now for the glasses - absolutely awesome! When you see them you'll either know if you want them or not straight away, so i'll go onto some of the practical aspects of them. The optics are insane - really really clear. They don't cut out a lot of light, but definitely take the harshness off bright glares. The clear frames and the overall design means they only block light from straight on, if you have your head at an angle to the sun you'll still get a lot of "side light" in. If thats a problem get some wraparounds. They fit really comfortably, and even though they don't have those grips on the sleaves, they feel secure when on and dont feel like they'll fall off. They fold down pretty flat, although the frames are curved slightly to provide a better fit and optics, so not completely flat like the frogskins. I guess they're about two fingers thick when folded, so easily pocketable and should fit most built in sunglasses holders you find in a lot of cars these days. They come with a soft brown fabric bag which doubles as the cleaning cloth. Come on, you know you want them!"
Apr 24 2010, 09:38 AM :

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