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This help page contains information about us, Oakley products and also information on how to use our site. If there is anything you are not sure about you should find it here, from how to place an order to our returns policy. If you still require further assistance please do not hesitate to contact us.


This information page is designed to help you, if you feel that we have missed some information out that may by useful to others please inform us. Thank You.

Authorised Dealerships - How to find out you are buying from and Authorised dealer.

All Oakley Sunglasses Dealers which are based in the UK are listed on the Oakley web site, our listing details can be found on store locator on the Oakley website. To find us enter our post code WR11 7RE or Evesham in the search field and you will find us listed under "RGWS LIMITED". Alternatively click here to be taken straight to our account information.

We are also UK Authorised Dealers for Ray Ban, Prada, Dolce and Gabanna, Jai Kudo, Nike and Dirty Dog.

Making a Purchase - Information about buying products from our web site.

Browse out site for the product(s) you are looking for then click the "Buy" button.  This will send the item to your "Shopping Basket" to view the items in your shopping basket click on "View Basket".  When you have finished added items to your "Shopping Basket" continue to the checkout pages.  Credit Card details will be taken on a secure server.

Paying with PayPal - We can only ship to Confirmed PayPal addresses

If paying with PayPal your PayPal address must be confirmed. Also the address you enter as your Invoice address must match your confirmed PayPal address. We can not ship to unconfirmed address, and can not ship to alternative delivery addresses with PayPal payments.

To check that you have a confirmed address on your PayPal account click "My Account" then scroll to "Profile" and click "Add or Edit Address" this will show you all your addresses and which are confirmed and unconfirmed.

To confirm your PayPal address log on to PayPal before completing payment and do the following (this can all be found in PayPal's help section)

The 'Confirm by Phone' process allows you confirm your address by receiving an automated phone call at a landline associated with your card billing address. When you receive the call you will be asked to enter a PIN number to complete the address confirmation process.
To confirm your address by phone:

  1.  Log in to your PayPal account at www.paypal.co.uk
  2. Click 'View Limits' on the ‘Account Overview’ page
  3. Tick the box next to ‘Withdrawal Limit’ then click 'Lift Limits'
  4. In the ‘Tasks’ column, click 'Confirm by Phone/Post'
  5. Please review your credit card information:
    • If you have more than one credit card on your account, select the credit card billing address you wish to confirm
    • If you do not have a credit card listed on your PayPal account, add a card to continue
  6. Select the phone number which matches your card billing address
  7. Select either 'Call now' or 'Call in one minute'
  8. Click 'Continue'
  9. You will see a 'Validate your Account Information by Phone' page, with the time selected and your four-digit Phone Confirmation PIN number. Please make a note of this PIN
  10. You will receive an automated phone call from PayPal and will be asked to enter your Phone Confirmation PIN. Enter the PIN on your keypad followed by the # sign to complete the process

To check that you have a confirmed address on your PayPal account click "My Account" then scroll to "Profile" and click "Add or Edit Address" this will show you all your addresses and which are confirmed and unconfirmed.

Delivery Details - Costs, schedules & destinations.

There are two delivery options within the UK - Royal Mail Recorded Delivery £3.00 and Royal Mail Special Delivery £5.00. Special Delivery should be used for faster delivery but does not guarantee the order will be dispatched same day.

Delivery Outside the UK £11.00 - Royal Mail Airsure a priority airmail service will be used. We can ship to the following countries in Europe: Austria, Azores, Balearic Islands, Belgium, Corsica, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Madeira, Monaco, Netherlands, Portugal, Republic of Ireland, Spain, Sweden. When your order is shipped outside of the UK our delivery company the Royal Mail quotes 2 - 6 working days for delivery.

Alternative Delivery Details - Costs, schedules & destinations.

If you require you item to be delivered to an alternative delivery address please enter the address your Credit Card is registered to in the checkout stage. Once registered during the checkout procedure you have the option to change the delivery address. If you are doing this you must pay using a credit/debit card you have registered with MasterCard SecureCode or Verified by Visa authentication. We can only send to an alternative delivery address if you have successfully entered your password during the checkout process.

Further information about MasterCard SecureCode or Verified by Visa authentication -

Order Tracking - Find out the status of your order.

To find the current status of your order, logon to your account and click on "Order History" in "Your Account" section.

Returns Policy - How to return items to us.

All items must be returned to us with in 14 days. Please email (reply to your order confirmation emails) or call us before making a return so that we can confirm the product you have ordered is not tailored to your needs and so can be returned. Once logged on to our website you can generate an RMA Return by clicking here. Our full returns policy can be found in our Terms & Conditions page Section 3.

Guarantee - Details of manufactures warranty.

All Oakley's come with a guarantee. Visit www.oakley.com for full details.

Warranty & Repairs Claims - How to get items fixed.

All Oakley's come with a warrantee. Visit www.oakley.com for full details.

After Sales - What to do after your purchase.

To register your Oakley Sunglasses goto www.oakley.com

Prescription Orders - Helping you order prescription glasses.

When ordering a pair of prescription glasses we need to know everything that is written on your prescription. Please type any additional information not covered in the form in the extra information box. Please double check if there is a "+" or "-" (this can often be written above the figure) in front of each measurement. If you are at all unsure please fax or send us a copy or your prescription to check, or call us to discuss. Alternatively please consult your optician if there is any doubt about the contents of your prescription. If you need any help completing the form please call us on 01684 294942. Below are the definitions on details required:

  • Sphere - The sphere value determines the strength of the lens, and therefore its thickness. Short-sight is corrected by negative sphere values, long sight by positive. Opticians often indicate negative values by putting a dash above the number. If the sphere reading is negative in one eye then it is normally negative in the other eye and vice versa.

    NOTE: Prescription powers highlighted in RED may not be available for all lens types. We will inform you of any problems once the order is received.

  • Cylinder - The cylinder value determines the strength of the astigmatism correction. If your prescription shows DS in this box, it is confirming there is no Cylindrical correction, so leave as default. If the cylinder value for one eye is negative, then the other is usually also negative and vice versa. If you have an axis reading on your prescription then you should have a cylinder reading.  Please note that we cannot make your glasses if your cylinder is over +/- 2 dioptres.

    NOTE: Prescription powers highlighted in RED may not be available for all lens types. We will inform you of any problems once the order is received.

  • Axis - The axis value is the angle of the astigmatism correction. If you have a cylinder reading on your prescription then you should have an axis reading.
  • Reading addition - The addition value is the amount to add to the sphere value for reading or intermediate glasses. Please make sure you write the correct Addition (ADD) depending on whether you have requested Reading or Intermediate (for VDU use) glasses. Please note that we cannot make your glasses if your sphere and ADD measurements come to total of +/- 8 dioptres and over.
  • Pupillary distance - Your pupillary distance (PD) is the distance, in millimetres, from one pupil to the other. A correct PD will ensure that the lenses are correctly positioned in relation to your eyes. We recommend that you have your Pupillary Distance (PD) measured by an optician and provide it to us here. However, you may choose to leave it set to the measurement provided which is an average PD based on a national average.
  • Additional information - Use this box to enter anything on your prescription that has not already been entered in the boxes above.

Blog - Keep up to date with Oakley Products.

To keep up to date with the latest Oakley Sunglasses UK product information view our blog and also register for an account.

Oakley Lenses - Helping you decide on which lenses to pick.

You will find on our site details of Oakley Lenses with figures of against; Lens Transmission, Lens Protection and Lens Contrast. Definitions of these measure are; Lens Transmission: The percentage of external light that passes through the glass measured against 100% external light source. Lens Protection: Lens Contrast:

Price Promise / Match - We can match that price!

Please view our price match information - Oakley Price Match.

Contact Us - If you need help please contact us.







01684 294942

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Unit 7B-17 Cadbury Courtyard
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WR11 7RE

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Supports - Who helps us?

Oakley UK helps us very much to achieve our Goal to be the best Oakley Sunglasses Seller.



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