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"Great sunglasses. Nice model with a perfect fit."
Apr 26 2010, 20:59 PM :

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Oakley Fishing Specific Sunglasses

Oakley Fishing Specific Sunglasses Information

Fishing Specific Sunglasses

You’ve seen “made for angling” sunglasses before, but if you take a close look at their technology, something smells fishy. They probably give you a lens color that nudges up contrast, along with some bold claims about landing the big one. Don’t take the bait. We put real technology in our Fishing Specific eyewear. Some say it’s overkill. The pros say it’s essential gear.

For starters, HIGH DEFINITION OPTICS® (HDO®) gives you unbeatable clarity and precise, accurate vision. The lenses are optimized with a HYDROPHOBIC™ coating that prevents water sheens from corrupting your point of view. The permanent coating also maintains a smudge-resistant barrier against skin oils, lotions and sunscreens, and it even repels dust. But the real eye-opener is how much innovation we poured into the optics.

Oakley polarization eliminates the blinding rays of glare with greater than 99% efficiency, and our manufacturing technique eliminates the haze and visual distortion that comes with ordinary polarized lenses. Three lens options are available, and all of them boost contrast and depth perception so you’ll have a more accurate view of the trophy pursuing your lure. All are made of PLUTONITE® to filter out 100% of all UV. The choice comes down to the type of fishing and the specific environment.

Oakley DEEP BLUE™ lenses filter out as much blue light as possible to increase visual acuity and alleviate the eye-straining effect of harsh wavelengths. For rivers, shallows and flats, choose Oakley SHALLOW BLUE™ lenses. We engineered them to filter out harsh blue light while allowing more green than Oakley DEEP BLUE™ lenses, making it easier for you to see aquatic plants and other features that could foul your line. If you need to read river bottoms and spot the reds and greens of prized species, choose the VR28® lenses. They are specially designed to eliminate harsh blue light while enhancing the colors you need to work the river with precision. So pick the perfect lens for your type of fishing, and you’ll never be taunted again by the one that got away.

Customer Reviews and Comments

Oakley Shallow blue
Oakley Shallow blue
"Awesome glasses I bought these primarily for carp fishing being a specific fishing lense, but have found I am wearing them all the time in favour of my trusted Ray Bans. They are devastating when spotting fish just below the surface with much more clarity than ordinary polarized glasses, gives you an extra edge which all fisherman will understand. These glasses are comfortable , very well made and I would recommend them 100%. Not cheap but you really do get what you pay for."

Oakley half jkt
Oakley half jkt
"The product is as expected from Oakley. I received the sunglasses really quickly after ordering and have had superb telephone assistance choosing the product.

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